Foresight Health® DNA testing

Did your breeder provide DNA test certificates for your dog? DNA testing has come a long way in the past few years and many more inherited disorders that could affect your dog in later life can now be detected easily with a simple cheek swab. Foresight Health® tests your dog for all the inherited disorders commonly found in their breed for your peace of mind. Finding out early about a disorder your dog could develop in the future means you can work with your vet to keep your dog healthier for longer.

Foresight Health® £125

Central Heated Dog Beds

Our range of stylish and luxurious central-heated dog beds feature a pressure-activated heat pad with seven adjustable heat settings, ranging from 25°c to 55°c. Perfect for keeping your dog warm and cosy if they suffer from the cold. The heat pad is mains-powered, using low voltage with an armoured cable for your dog’s safety. All beds are machine-washable and the removable heat pad can be wiped clean. Available in six styles as a cushion bed or pillow bed to suit any traditional or modern home. Made in Yorkshire. Stylish and quality fabrics. Free standard delivery.


Animo tracks every bark, scratch, shake or itch of your dog, plus exercise too. It’s the perfect present for your pooch and you, which will last long after Christmas.

Lightweight, collar-mounted and waterproof, Animo tracks your dog’s unique behaviour patterns, so you can easily spot if there are any changes that could be a sign of discomfort or distress. The Sure Petcare Animo app shows you when your pooch has had a poor night’s sleep, how they are resting in the day and monitors increased barking, scratching or shaking. Plus you can see how much exercise they get!

Family Dog Company

Dogs are awesome, but owning a dog can, at times, be stressful, especially if you’re overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available. Very quickly, a behaviour issue can take over parts of your life and stop you from enjoying your dog.

Our online membership and community is a step-by-step guide for any new owners of a puppy or rescue dog. We want you to feel good about yourself, to have the skills and confidence to raise the perfect family dog, as well as sharing your journey with a community of dog owners/lovers.

07815 867538

Betty & Butch

The Betty & Butch Pawmas Deli Box is the must-have gift for your canine best friend this festive season.

Filled with delicious treats and meats and a personalised letter from Santa Paws, this exclusive Pawmas Deli Box is available at £15.99.

Other festive favourites and exclusive yuletide gifts for dogs of all sizes are available on the website.

Pawfit2 GPS Pet Tracker

Dog obesity is an increasing problem, leading to chronic disease. Outdoor exercise improves health; however, once off the leash, we fear our dogs getting lost or stolen.

The solution? Pawfit, an advanced location activity monitoring system, providing live, accurate location, combining GPS, wifi and cellular technology.

Pawfit allows you to monitor your dog’s activity trend, motivating you to set customised activity goals.

Features include alerts for: removal, safety zone, temperature and a unique audio ID tag. Its fully waterproof design includes a rechargeable battery lasting up to six days.


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