Mayhew has teamed up with Crisis, the national homelessness charity, to help people and animals affected by homelessness at Christmas –  and are giving animal lovers a chance to help.

With Halloween and Bonfire Night over, many look forward to the winter holidays – but for some, this is a dreaded time of year. The Christmas period can feel especially isolating for those without a home, and a dog is often their only companion. While homeless humans and their animals already face many dangers while living on the streets, the cold winter months can be even more devastating.

This is why the work from Mayhew and Crisis is vital, but they need extra support from the public during the festive season. The two charities have worked together for 12 years and will shortly be releasing a new range of five virtual gift cards, designed to make a real difference to homeless people and their dogs.

Mayhew will support Crisis by providing kennels at one of their Christmas centres. Owners experiencing homelessness will receive shelter, food, warm clothes, support and advice to get back on their feet, and dogs will benefit from a full canine health check, jackets, collars and food. Additionally, Mayhew’s Animal Welfare Officers will be training Crisis volunteers throughout November and December in order to ensure that dogs receive the best care alongside their owners during the winter period.

The gift cards are priced at £5, £10, £15, £20 and £50, and all money raised will be split equally between Mayhew and Crisis – funding much-needed items and services such as food and warm coats for dogs and people, canine health checks and veterinary treatment, and practical skills training and interview advice.

The cards are available to purchase from each of their websites: and


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