Dog and cat outfitters, Mungo & Maud, have released an animated short film to celebrate the festive season.

Written and directed by Nicola Sacher, Creative Director & Co-Founder of Mungo & Maud, and with the work of Japanese animator Sarina Nihei, ‘The Enchanted Forest’ stars a little Maltese dog and a British Shorthair cat. The story follows the little Maltese as he wanders through an enchanted forest. We see his old jumper snag on a branch, and watch it gradually unravel to leave him shivering in the cold.

At that moment, a mysterious door on a tree, and inside, an elderly cat is knitting a wool turtleneck pullover. The generous cat donates her creation to the shivering dog, who now joyfully continues his journey in warm comfort and finally celebrates Christmas.


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