Christmas is just around the corner and Canine Cottages have decided to have some festive fun by creating a tricky brainteaser, which has left many of us at Dogs Monthly scratching our heads.

A little dog has gotten lost in a sea of Christmas-loving polar bears, and it’s up to you to find him!

This challenge is trickier than it seems! On average it has taken 2 minutes and 49 seconds to find the little dog amongst the Christmas polar bears, but did you find him faster?

Shannon Keary from Canine Cottages said, “This brainteaser has had us stumped at Canine Cottages HQ! We hope our brainteaser has the public equally as puzzled and gets everyone into the Christmas spirit.”

Here’s the answer for those who are still scratching their heads:

Courtesy of Canine Cottages  


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