This Valentine’s Day, Medical Detection Dogs is launching their first ever national fundraising event – ‘Paint the Town Red’ – to raise much-needed funds and awareness of its life-saving work.

Between the 9th-15th February, the charity is asking people to gather friends, family and local communities together to show the love by celebrating the colour red. Schools will be having red mufti days, workplaces will be holding red cupcake sales, businesses will be decorating shopfronts in red, and much more.

Medical Detection Dogs trains dogs to save lives by smelling human disease. The dogs are partnered with people with life-threatening conditions like Type 1 diabetes, PoTS or Addison’s disease. They alert their human partner to a change in their smell which indicates that a potentially fatal event is about to happen, saving their lives daily and giving them independence, as well as peace of mind to their families.

Medical Detection Dogs receives no government funding for their work and relies entirely on the generosity of donations from trusts and the public. It costs the charity £29,000 to train each Medical Alert Assistance Dog.

Community Fundraiser at Medical Detection Dogs, Carolyn Green, says, “By joining in with our Paint the Town Red week you will not only be celebrating love for Valentine’s Day but also raising funds and awareness of the work of our amazing dogs.

“The diseases our Bio Detection Dogs are trained to detect affect every single one of us and they could be at the forefront of early diagnosis of cancer, Parkinson’s and other diseases and ultimately more lives being saved.

“The conditions our Medical Alert Assistance Dogs work with are extremely complex and often our clients have given up hope of leading a normal life for fear of falling ill at any moment. These wet-nosed knights in shining armour turn this around and save their lives in more ways than one.

“Our dogs will be wearing their own red coats with pride that week so please join them!”

If you would like to ‘Paint the Town Red’ and need more information or would like to order a fundraising pack, visit their fundraising page or contact

Images by Medical Detection Dogs


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