I’m picking up our new Australian Shepherd pup at the weekend and would like advice on what sort of brush to buy. Do I need a slicker brush, pin brush and comb? How often should I brush him and should I use any spray? The breeder said that you shouldn’t cut their hair but just trim the back end so poo doesn’t get caught. Does that sound right?

Stuart Simons advises…

Well, I think you have answered these questions yourself. Yes, to everything! I would use a slicker brush and a comb as my tools of choice for home grooming. All you need to do is make sure that you brush your dog once a day. A professional groomer will use tools to get any undercoat out, so personally, I would leave it to them to trim the sanitary areas for cleanliness and make sure that the nails are trimmed to perfection too. The breeder is absolutely correct: these types of coats don’t need to be trimmed, but we do like to shape them up at the back, and possibly the front, just to neaten them up once in a while. To find your nearest professional groomer, go to www.thegroomersspotlight.com


  1. Great article and well done!

    I’ll like to stress how I prefer leaving grooming my furry buddy, to professional groomers. This is given how much I love my dog and don’t want him to be victim of my inexperience at any point. Truely, it strains my wallet (a bit), but hey! No investment is too much on my dog.

    Once again, great job and well done!


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