Spider-Man actor Tom Holland and his Staffie are inseparable – and it’s got nothing to do with a web-slinger…

It is not often you get to ask a superhero about his love of dogs, but Tom Holland – who to millions of film fans is better known as Spider-Man – makes no secret of how he feels. The award-winning actor takes his Staffie, Tessa, everywhere with him, including award ceremonies and film launches.“She’s brilliant, my best friend,” said Tom. “She has her own fan following too and if she is not with me, everyone asks about her – more than they ask about me!”

Tom is famous for playing Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but even before landing that amazing role, he gained stardom on the West End stage in Billy Elliot and he believes that is where he came of age.“I was born in Kingston-upon-Thames and went to Donhead Prep School and then Wimbledon College,” said Tom. “I was not a great academic, but I did quite well. I was a normal sort of kid – well, fairly normal. My family have always been into entertainment, so that carried on from a very early age and I have always loved dogs. When I was little, they fascinated me and they still do.”Tom had already demonstrated a natural talent for acting and dance, so he was admitted to the Brit School for Performing Arts and also enrolled at the Nifty

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ film photocall, London, UK
Featuring: Tom Holland, Tessa
Credit: Lexi Jones/WENN.com

Feet Dance School in Wimbledon, where his potential was quickly spotted. After two years of training, he made his West End debut in Billy Elliot: The Musical, first of all as Billy’s best pal Michael and then as Billy himself.A couple of films came his way, including his award-winning role in The Impossible and then came the big one when he passed auditions and screen tests to land the star role of Peter Parker, otherwise known as Spider-Man. Although still very young, Tom has proved that he is an outstanding actor, as well as being a superb dancer and gymnast. He is also a first-class dog walker.

“Walking the dog is great. It is very relaxing, but it brings you down to earth because a dog neither knows nor cares what your job is – unless you were a butcher, perhaps. As far as he or she is concerned, you are just a pal who plays with them, takes them places and makes sure they have enough to eat and drink. In return, they give you absolute loyalty, a snuggle when they think you might need one and a lot of fun – and that has to be the very best friendship you can ever hope for.”

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