Following a request from the Chihuahua Breed Health Coordinator, on behalf of the breed clubs, the Kennel Club Board has agreed to “allow the inter-variety mating of Smooth and Long Coat Chihuahuas”.

Dr Tom Lewis, Genetics & Research Manager at the Kennel Club, said, “The move to allow inter-variety matings for Chihuahuas will be helpful to breeders striving to deliver a sustainable population for generations to come and so is very welcome.

“The breed clubs should be proud of taking a step that will contribute to attempts to preserve genetic diversity in the Chihuahua breeds.”

As there is no breed council, the KC office requested a majority reply on the issue from the ten Chihuahua breed clubs.

“The office received responses from all the clubs,” a statement reads. “They had asked their membership whether they wished to be able to inter-variety mate or whether this should be only by special permission.

“The results revealed that the majority of respondents were in favour of inter-variety matings but without prior permission having to be sought.”

Dr Geoffrey Curr, Chihuahua Breed Health Coordinator, said, “This positive development for Chihuahuas would not have been possible without the unanimous support of all ten breed clubs. The allowing of inter-variety matings within the breed will have a positive effect upon genetic diversity for future generations, so this is very good news indeed.”

Permission has been granted for inter-variety matings to take place “on or after 2 June 2020”. Applications to register the resulting puppies must be made on a paper form and all enquiries directed to

Images by Diane Pearce/KC


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