little large pair

A tiny terrier and a large bull cross are best of friends, and are looking for a forever home together. The “little and large” pair arrived at the RSPCA’s Stubbington Ark Animal Shelter, in Hampshire, in October. 

Centre manager Kirstie Blakeley said, “Princess may be little but has a big personality while Bridget is a goofy gentle giant! 

“Bridget is absolutely lovely but is rather clumsy and now has a cast on her leg after breaking her foot running into a tree stump! Little Princess finds new people frightening and does take her time getting to know someone but staff have been working with her to build her confidence and would like new owners to continue this training. 

“Bridget lacks some manners so would benefit from confident, experienced owners who can help develop her. She absolutely loves cuddles but can forget how big she is sometimes!”

Despite their size difference, the pair are extremely close so are looking for a home together. 

Kirstie added, “It’s so sweet to see them together because Bridget is so big and tall and absolutely towers over little Princess! But they do everything together; eat, sleep and play.”

The three-year-old dogs “need some time and training”, and would like a new home without any other pets but could live with older, teenage children.

To find out more about Bridget and Princess visit their online profile or contact Stubbington Ark on 01329 667541.


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