I’m going to be moving home soon and my two dogs have only ever lived in this house. How can I make the transition to a new home run smoothly for them?

Kirsten Dillon advises…

Moving to a new house is a very stressful time in our lives, so it makes sense that our dogs find it stressful too. I don’t think there are any magic fixes here, but because dogs live in the moment, we should, by using lots of common sense, be able to make sure they are just fine. Stay as calm as is possible around your dogs – you don’t want them to associate anything negative with the move. Keep their beds and bedding and move it to as similar an area as you can in the new house (don’t wash it immediately).

So, for example, if they have always slept on your bed, but you now want it to stop, don’t change this immediately. Keep your dogs’ meal times the same as much as you can, and do the same with walks where possible. Use lots of treats, chews and toys to alleviate any anxieties that may arise and don’t be scared to spray everything with some wonderful www.petremedy. co.uk before, during and after the move. Good luck!


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