Our seven-month-old pup, Holly, is very boisterous on her lead. She is difficult to walk, as she pulls so much and has nearly pulled me over on several occasions.

My friend suggested I walk her on a head collar. We have tried one but she hates it and managed to get it off. Should we persist with it or is there a better piece of equipment?

Sue Williams advises…

By far, one of the most common problems people come to my training centre for help with is dogs who pull on the lead. Often, the problem arises as owners unintentionally teach their dogs to pull during the early stages of acclimatising their puppy to a lead. It is once a puppy grows and becomes bigger, stronger and more powerful that people realise they have a problem. By this stage it has become an ingrained behaviour and even a habit.

It is common for people to look to pieces of equipment to stop their dogs pulling. Having trained literally thousands of dogs, I can say that there is no magical piece of equipment that will stop a dog pulling. A dog can pull on a headcollar just the same as he can pull on a harness or ordinary collar. There are pieces of equipment that can help in certain situations, but you will still need to learn how to use them correctly.

To resolve Holly’s pulling, it is essential to focus on teaching her how to walk on a slack lead. I advise you seek the help of an experienced trainer, who can help you achieve this.

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