Metro Bark Bank has launched its first new bank account for dogs to celebrate National Pet Month, as research reveals 80 per cent of dogs want more financial independence.

Recent independent GovYou market research also reveals that 60 per cent of Britain’s dogs are concerned about a post pandemic world when their owners go back to work – recognising “a need to save up to afford more treats whilst owners are away from home”. A specially dedicated barking banking service is the solution.

David Thomasson, Chief Commercial Officer at Metro Bank, said, “We are very excited that we can finally offer our canine customers this unique and pawsome product.  There has been much growling amongst our canine community that they have been able to visit our stores, enjoy a treat and spend time with our colleagues but not able to fully benefit from all our products.”

He added, “Today we have shown that not only do we listen to all our customers’ whining, growls and barks but we take action – putting our best paw forward to meet their needs.”

The new Metro Bank K9 Account will will use the latest authentication paw print ID technology, plus an option to pay safely via an app through a chip attached to their collars.

As financial independence will allow dogs to spend on pampering, treats, tennis balls, treats, country escapes, treats, holidays, treats, insurance, treats, takeaways, treats, vet bills, treats, specialist clothing and the occasional treat, economists expect the Hound Pound to provide a much-needed boost to UK economy.


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