I’d like to enhance my dog’s life by taking up a doggie sport, but I’m not sure what to go for. I’m not a very competitive person, and certainly do not want to enter any competitions, but am looking for something purely fun that Rosie and I can do together, which might mean we also meet likeminded people. I have restricted mobility, so think something like agility would be out.

Kirsten Dillon advises…

The sport you have described is canine hoopers. It is a gentler form of agility and can be easily taken up by anyone, even those with limited mobility, such as yourself, as you are not required to run around the course with your dog if you don’t want to. I have taken the following information from the Canine Hoopers UK Facebook page for you to follow up on if you would like:

Hoopers is a smooth and free-flowing sport based on the dog’s love of running. The hoops themselves are lightweight, plastic and tall enough to accommodate even giant breeds. We use only 80cm tunnels to fulfil our aim of being totally breed inclusive. Due to the low impact nature of the sport, it is suitable for almost all dogs, including those which other high-impact sports are maybe not so suitable.

In competition, expect to see fun-filled courses with extra handling challenges for those who choose them – progression is based on consistency and accuracy, not class wins and speed.

Our Accredited Instructors are based all over the UK and train to the highest standards using only force-free training methods. For more information, to find an instructor or to find out more about becoming an Accredited CHUK Instructor, visit our website www.caninehoopersuk.co.uk


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