When four puppies abandoned in a cardboard box in Kent woodlands at only four weeks old, their short life could have ended tragically. However, they were found before they could succumb to harsh winter weather elements – and they are now all happily settled in their forever homes.

Digby, Pip, Luna and Eevie were brought to Battersea’s Brands Hatch centre in January, after being found in the box by a member of public found. All puppies were found to have inguinal hernias – a condition that would have made them hard to sell, as it would require surgery later on, and that was probably the reason why they had been so callously dumped.  

Box of puppies

Lisa Stockwell, Team Leader at Battersea Brands Hatch, said, “Due to the fact that Digby, Pip, Luna and Eevie all had hernias when they were found, we think it’s likely that their breeder heartlessly threw them away as they would have been harder to sell on to new homes. 

“Thankfully, Battersea is providing the puppies with all of the veterinary needs they require, but had these puppies been left for a long time in such cold and dire conditions it’s certain that they wouldn’t have survived, especially being so young.

“We’d urge anyone who needs to give up their pet to bring them to a rescue centre like Battersea instead of abandoning them; this way you can ensure that your pet is safe and has the best chance of finding a second loving home. We’d never judge anyone for needing our help and are here for every dog or cat regardless of age, breed, behaviour or medical concerns.”

She added, After a tough start in life, we’re really pleased that Digby, Pip, Luna and Eevie have now been rehomed and are now beginning their journey into becoming well-rounded and much-loved family pets.”

Kate Ham, Pip’s new owner, said, “Despite having a bit of a rough start in life, Pip is growing up to be a very confident young dog with plenty of energy to burn. It’s sad to think that had she not been bought into Battersea, her future could have looked very different to what it is now – we just couldn’t imagine our lives without her!”

Images by Battersea Dogs and Cats Home


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