Old grey-faced Labrador dog

BSAVA PetSavers is funding a new research project – Old Age Pets – at the University of Liverpool, aiming to help vets and owners provide the best care for their senior dogs.

Dogs are living up to twice as long as they did 40 years ago, which has implications for ageing dogs’ healthcare and well-being. As the life expectancy of canine golden oldies increases, so does the amount of time our dogs spend in poor health, but it may be difficult for us to distinguish between normal age-related changes and serious diseases that require veterinary treatment.

To help address this, BSAVA PetSavers is funding a major research project at the University of Liverpool – Old Age Pets – that will help vets and owners to provide the best care for their senior and geriatric dogs.

Over the past 18 months, BSAVA PetSavers and the University of Liverpool have worked together to investigate owner expectations, experiences and attitudes to ageing in dogs. Pet owners have been invited to submit diaries, photographs or videos, to share their experiences of living with an older dog.

And now owners are being asked to complete an online survey about their personal experiences, which can be found at https://bit.ly/PetsaversOAPSurvey.

The findings will be used to develop a guidance tool with the intention of helping veterinary professionals and owners provide the best care to senior dogs.

Researchers are aiming for around 1,000 responses – from as wide a spread of dog owners as possible, including different breeds of different ages, and healthy dogs as well as those suffering from sensory loss, age-related diseases and/or acute or chronic conditions.

The survey is anonymous, easy to complete (about 25 minutes), and you could be in with the chance to win an Amazon voucher. More importantly, your input will help inform the development of a new guidance tool for vets and owners to help provide the best care for senior dogs.

Fill out the survey at https://bit.ly/PetsaversOAPSurvey

Find out more about the research project at https://www.petsavers.org.uk/our-research/oldagepets



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