All dogs deserve nothing but the best – and this is especially true of rescue dogs. So we were delighted to hear about retired racing Greyhound Lewis, who flew row 1 of business class to start a new life with his owner.

Described by Greyt Greys Rescue in Melbourne, Australia, as one of their ‘graduate snoots’, Lewis has been a devoted companion to his human mum, Mary, since she adopted him in 2019, and when she decided to emigrate from Australia to Italy, of course Lewis was an essential part of her plans.

Luckily for Lewis, many planes are still flying near empty Down Under, so he was upgraded from a crate in the cargo hold to row 1 of business class.

Like most Greyhounds, Lewis is a laidback lad and took the whole thing in his (long) stride, with the Singapore Airlines flight crew reporting he was the best-behaved doggie passenger they’d ever had – including service dogs!

Lewis celebrated his 7th birthday on the flight and was spoiled by all the staff on board. He tucked into a birthday cake and croissant and suffered no travel sickness. He was fine for the take-off and landing too – no crying, whining or accidents.

This comes as no surprise to Greyt Greys co-founder John Morgan, who fostered Lewis before he was adopted by Mary.

“My wife and I fostered him and he was an absolute joy to have here,” says John. “He got on so well with all of our dogs. He has always been a sweet and affectionate boy. He is a very special boy.

“If I had to pick any of the 300 dogs that have been through our foster programme, that would have such an adventure, it would be Lewis every time. His story just touched all of our hearts. We love him to bits!”

From flying out of the traps to flying business class, ex-racer Lewis has certainly come a long way. And now, 23 hours and 16,000km later, he’s come another long way for the next stage of his life as a pampered, much-loved bestie.

Good luck with your new adventure, Lewis. Buona fortuna!


Greyt Greys Rescue can be found at and

And, of course, there are lots of Greyhound rehoming organisations in the UK if you’d like to find your own Lewis to pamper.






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