Guest post: by Anne Jones, co-creator of Artaban The Musical

I have just been through a very emotional time, as my husband Tony has had Covid followed by pneumonia and other health problems. Every day there have been challenges: a new symptom to worry about, visits from paramedics, or a sleepless night. But every day I have taken my two rescue Labradors, Buddy and Lucy, for their morning walk in the New Forest where we live.

No matter what the weather, we go out at dawn, as Lucy is nervous of other dogs. These morning walks have been a godsend. The dogs’ tails are constantly wagging and their positivity is infectious; I cannot fail to be drawn along with them! Their upbeat energy made me realise what a difference they have made over these last few weeks. They have been my best therapists!

I have always found music lifts me when I am down. Currently, music is a huge part of my life, as I have written the songs for the rock musical Artaban, launching in Covent Garden this November. Until recently, the house has been full of the show music, and my husband – being an old sixties rocker – loves to play it full volume.

Since his illness, we have been more focused on his health and the music has been on silent. Tony is now in hospital again, so today I decided to give myself a lift and let rip with ‘Artaban’ and ‘I Now Understand’ – two of my favourite rock numbers from the show. The dogs immediately perked up and joined me as I dispersed my fears and despondency by dancing around the coffee table – we ended on the floor in a bundle of laughter, licking and tail wagging! And yes, my tail wagged too!

Dogs have very special healing skills and are guaranteed to lift your spirits if you let them.




Anne Jones is a spiritual healer, author of seven books translated into 18 languages, and co-creator of Artaban The Musical.

For more information about Artaban The Musical (and to listen to some of the original music) see:


Artaban is a new rock musical, based on the book The Other Wise Man by Henry van Dyke.  It’s a story, full of heart and soul, set over 2,000 years ago, and yet is still relevant today.  This is not the Jesus story, rather it is the tale of an unsung hero who sacrifices his dreams to help others, set against the backdrop of the birth of Christ.

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