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Barkitecture – 2022’s hottest trend

By Anne Haimes, interior designer and founder of Anne Haimes Interiors

Our love and appreciation for our pets has only grown over the past two years as we’ve spent more time at home. So much so, it’s starting to rub off on our interior design choices.

More and more, interior designers are receiving requests from customers to create a home that’s liveable and functional for all family members… including cats and dogs. And it’s something the eagle-eyed analysts at Pinterest have noted too, including ‘Barkitecture’ as one of its top 2022 trend predictions. From luxury dog rooms to ‘catified’ homes, it’s clear pampering your pets is no longer enough.

Interior designer Anne Haimes shares her insight into the growing trend and reveals how you can incorporate barkitecture into your own home.

Utility rooms

Any dog parent lucky enough to have a utility room will tell you it’s the ideal space to wipe down your pooch after long muddy walks, preventing them from trekking mud throughout the house.

And now, the demand for multi-functional spaces has become greater, with built-in dog showers for cleaning off muddy paws and fur after walks a common feature.

Before, these would be simple outdoor taps that only ran cold. Now, dog owners want luxury versions, with warm water, flexible shower hoses and tiled splashbacks in keeping with the room’s décor.


The kitchen is often the heart of the home. But often, pets can get underfoot while you’re trying to cook, especially if you have limited space.

So, why not give your pet a designated spot in the kitchen where they can enjoy being the centre of the household?

Requests for built-in dog beds are becoming more common, where the space for one or two cupboards is sacrificed to make room for a made-to-measure mattress under the countertop.

This helps to keep the busy kitchen space neat and tidy and offers a safe and comfy haven for pets.

Living rooms

In living areas, owners are incorporating bespoke multi-level ‘cat trees’ for their feline friends to scratch, climb and sleep, complete with soft hammocks and framed in high-quality wood.

We’ve also seen multi-functional furniture items become more widely available, particularly side tables, that have a built-in space for cats to climb in and relax, lined with sheepskin or faux fur.

For those looking to really spoil their pets, you may choose to follow in the footsteps of one particularly eager owner who went viral on TikTok after creating an entire living room for his dogs, complete with miniature side tables, lamps, sofas and even a flatscreen TV.


Pets are also prioritised in bedrooms too, believe it or not.

Custom dog beds, complete with a frame, mattress and beddings are popular. Bespoke miniature versions of the owners’ bed are also a common choice, ensuring a continuum of their boudoir theme.

For those wanting their pets close to them at night, without having to share a bed with them, a pull-out drawer from under the bed frame can provide the perfect compromise and can be hidden away when not in use.



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