A pet crematorium has introduced reflection rooms for bereaved owners, so those facing the heartbreak of losing a cherished pet have comforting facilities to say their goodbyes.

Pet Cremation Services (PCS), whose services include pet cremations and burials, has created two reflection rooms at its headquarters at West Lodge Farm in Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, where owners can say their farewells and grieve in private.

The reflection rooms are modelled on facilities provided by many human funeral directors to help create the best possible experience at what can be a stressful and upsetting time.

Owners can sign remembrance books and receive support from PCS’s specially trained team members while they wait for their pet’s ashes to be returned.

Glenn Tuck in one of the reflection rooms

Managing director Glenn Tuck, whose family established PCS 30 years ago, said, “Saying goodbye to a much-loved pet is heart-breaking because they are a member of the family to many of us, so it is really important to provide the best possible facilities for those who have lost a pet.

“Part of the owner’s journey is saying goodbye and that helps them to come to terms with losing their pet. Having the reflection rooms allows them to grieve properly at an emotional time.

“It enables owners to have privacy and an opportunity to reflect and talk openly about their pet. We see the full range of emotions, from people who are in tears to people who are happy that their pet has had a good life.

“Although it is a difficult time for owners, we have received really positive feedback about the new facilities and how it has brought people comfort at a difficult time.”


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