This weekend, people across the country will be coming together to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee with street parties and celebrations. As Corgis are synonymous with our queen, dog-friendly accommodation provider Canine Cottages has created a royal family tree of Her Majesty’s Corgis in honour of the Jubilee, detailing the 15 generations of Corgis and Dorgis over the years.

The Queen’s love for the breed began with her parents’ Corgi, Dookie, in the 1930s, and only grew when she was given one of her own, Susan, for her 18th birthday in 1944. Since then, she has bred just over 30 of them, all of which are descendants of Susan.

Within her litter there were also a number of Dorgis, a cross between a Corgi and a Dachshund, with the first pup parents being the Queen’s Corgi Tiny, and Princess Margaret’s Dachshund, Pipkin.Whilst some of these iconic dogs were kept by the Queen to go on and live lovingly beside her, many went to homes elsewhere.

Over the years, we’ve learnt a lot about the lifestyle of a royal Corgi, including the fact that they have their own menu consisting of beef, chicken, liver, rabbit, rice and cabbage, and that there is a graveyard dedicated to the royal pets at the Sandringham estate.

Canine Cottages thought it would be fascinating to show the royal family tree of the Queen’s Corgis, along with some of their tail-wagging memories. For a fun twist, the Corgis and Dorgis have taken the place of the queen on our much-loved British stamps. Each colour represents a new generation, with 15 in total!


Pics: Canine Cottages


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