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New data from Pooch & Mutt reveals the most dog-friendly places in the UK, considering the highest number of parks, beaches, hotels, restaurants, cafes and unique dog-friendly activities within a 40km radius.

Scraping the number of dog-friendly places on Bring Fido by every city in the UK (76 cities) determined the most popular regions.

Coming out on top, the best dog-friendly region to be in the UK is the West Midlands! With a grand total of 368 dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, parks and other fun activities, there’s an abundance of places to keep both you and your dog occupied. The south-west of England was a close second with a total of 351 dog-friendly places, while Scotland came in third.

When it came to the most dog-friendly cities, London was the clear winner thanks to its wide variety of other activities. This was followed closely by St Albans in the east of England and Birmingham, all of which are fantastic places to take your dog out for the day.

Beaches & parks

If you’re wanting to take your dog to a beautiful park or beach this summer, then Truro, which is located in the heart of Cornwall, is the place to be. It’s no secret that Cornwall is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world with golden sands and clear blue waters, and you’ll find that Truro has 52 dog-friendly beaches and parks to choose from. One of the top-rated dog-friendly beaches is Vault Beach in Saint Austell. This sheltered beach is surrounded by calm sea, ideal for a doggy paddle.

Plymouth came second on our list with 8 dog-friendly parks and beaches, while London followed with 7 perfect parks for dogs. Edinburgh, Dunfermline, Chester, Liverpool and York all took the bottom spots on our list as they only have 2 dog-friendly parks and beaches.

Restaurants & cafes

We all deserve to be treated to an indulgent lunch every now and then, even our dogs! We guarantee nothing will make them happier than dining with you while getting bundles of attention from staff and other diners.

Whether you’re meeting up with friends and want to bring your dog along or you want to enjoy brunch with your fluffy bestie, the City of London is the best place for dog-friendly restaurants and cafes, with a total of 75 to choose from. North London pub, The Lord Palmerston, is an amazingly dog-friendly, local gastro pub with fantastic food and a great range of real ales. Beautifully decorated, the wonderfully accommodating chef will always provide a treat for your dog, and water is always available.

St Albans is also very accommodating, with 38 dog-friendly restaurants and cafes to treat your pooch to, while Edinburgh has 12 places you can happily dine with your dog. Take a trip to Love, Peace and Coffee, a dog-friendly coffeehouse in Edinburgh, to enjoy freshly brewed coffee, homemade pastries, and sandwiches, or for a meal your four-legged friend won’t forget, stop by The Caley Sample Room, a laid-back gastropub that serves up a variety of delicious grub including a menu just for pups! Your mutt can choose from options like dog beer, biscuits, and beef sticks.

Also in St Albans and other locations in and around London is Megan’s, a small, independently-owned dog-friendly spot that feels like a home away from home. Not only do they serve delicious brunch, lunch, dinner and cocktails for humans, but they also have comfortable dog beds for your four-legged friends to relax in after a long walk.


There’s nothing quite like a staycation in the summer, from exploring a new city over a long weekend to relaxing in the great British countryside. And, rather than leaving your dog with a friend or family member while you’re away, why not choose a place with plenty of dog-friendly hotels and give your dogs a break from their busy lives too?

The City of London is the top spot to take your dog on holiday, with 181 dog-friendly hotels. This is followed by St Albans, which offers 167 dog-friendly hotels and Birmingham, with 86 hotels for your dog to get comfortable in. In total, the West Midlands region had a huge 345 dog-friendly hotels, so you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice!

According to the experts in dog-friendly travel and the UK’s only dog-first travel website, Paws & Stay, “Totnes is another one of the most dog-friendly towns we have come across, with a lovely array of shops, restaurants and outdoor spaces that both dogs and humans love. The open-air Totnes Market welcomes dogs, and their owners, to follow their noses through its bustling stalls.”

Places close to the beach are also eternally popular. What dog doesn’t love a good run around on the beach before a splash in the ocean? Places like Whitstable in Kent are very popular because of the close proximity to London in places like The Cook’s Cottage, which is just a short stroll to the beach.

Doggie activities

Sometimes, we want to do more than simply take our dogs for a walk in the park. Luckily, there are plenty of other fun activities to experience that will strengthen the bond between you and your dog. The City of London offers 17 unique dog-friendly activities such as paddle boarding, dog yoga and a pet-friendly skincare store, so you can really pamper your pooch.

However, Scotland is the region with the highest amount of dog activities, with 19 in total. Here, wizarding fans can participate in a Harry Potter walking tour in Edinburgh with their dogs – capturing all the magical snaps for Instagram. Edinburgh also offers personal training sessions where you can get fit alongside your dog and pet-friendly jewellers, so you can shop together too. In Glasgow, you can visit The Candy Rooms, Scotland’s first pet-friendly salon that includes treatments for humans and dogs.

It’s safe to say that the UK loves dogs, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a city or region that doesn’t cater for your canine friends. While London is the best city for the most dog-friendly amenities, the West Midlands and south-west of England are the best regions for a dog-friendly day out.

If you’re planning on taking your dog on a staycation, take a look at these calming music playlists for dogs to make the car journey easier than ever.


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