Meet the new Dogs Monthly office dog, Loki. He’s almost 15 weeks old and a rescue collie cross. What he’s crossed with is still undetermined. A DNA test has been done, but the results aren’t back yet. My money is on ‘shark’, given his love of gnawing, or ‘mole’. For if there’s one thing that Loki loves more than mouthing, it’s digging.

Even when watched 24/7, my garden is already bearing the signs of early craters. They have been filled and sown with grass seed, but it was clear very early on that a long-term solution was needed if I still wanted a lawn by the end of the month.

Cue Loki’s improvised digging pit: a large plastic crate, filled with soil, and ‘loaded’ with goodies for him to find. As soon as I catch him digging, I say ‘dig’ and encourage him to his pit instead. It’s only been two days, but he already digs on cue when at his pit now and the craters have been covered with milk crates, garden furniture etc, so he’s not tempted to return to his usual digs.

Plastic toys, a wooden spoon, and a knotted odd sock have been buried in the pit, and Loki loves channelling his inner archaeologist and unearthing whatever treasures he can find. A dustpan and brush are always on hand, to refill the pit from all the scattered earth.

What other items can I bury for him to find? What works for your digger? Any tips much appreciated and will be added back to this page to help others!

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