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Oldies Club  is a UK dog rescue for older dogs, aged seven years and over, who have found themselves homeless through no fault of their own. Dedicated to placing the dogs into new, loving homes, Oldies Club, a UK registered charity, also looks after those that cannot be rehomed, covering all costs, including veterinary fees, for life.

Crucially, Oldies Club provides caring foster homes care for all the dogs until they are found a new home. This spares the elderly dog the stress of being in a rescue centre, surrounded by the noise of other dogs and with little personal attention or love. As if to demonstrate how amazing older dogs can be, many of Oldies Club’s foster dogs become ‘failed’ / forever fosters, as the families often fall in love with their elderly dog and cannot part from them.

The idea for the charity was conceived in 2005 when a group of dog lovers were discussing the plight of elderly dogs. They talked about Ted, a 13-year-old collie, who was blind in one eye and terrified by the noisy environment of the dog shelter he was living in. Eventually, Ted was found a loving foster home where he thrived. This little dog became an inspiration for the Oldies Club, which became a registered charity in 2007.

Today, the charity works tirelessly to be a voice for elderly dogs that need to be part of a loving family.

Sadly, the cost-of-living crisis has put a strain on the finances of the majority of households and this means that charities are suffering due to the cruel double whammy of increased costs and dwindling donations. Tragically, some of the dogs in our care have suffered abandonment due to owners feeling that they have no choice but to surrender their dogs to rescue centres.

So, what can YOU do to help?

  • Fundraise
    Hold a coffee morning, go on a sponsored walk or run, do a bungee jump or take part in some other challenge
  • Donate
    If you do have spare cash, spare a thought for Oldies Club and the amazing work they do. If you’d like to help, you can donate online via Just Giving or send the charity a cheque 
  • Rehome
    Do you have space in your heart and home to care for a dog in their twilight years?
  • Transport
    Can you help with transporting our dogs from foster homes to new homes?
  • Legacy
    Leave a donation to Oldies Club in your will

Here are just a brief selection of dogs currently looking for homes (full details and photos in the links):


Alfie (above)

GoGo (above): https://www.oldies.org.uk/2022/gorgeous-gogo-oldies-club-fostered-lincolnshire

Hooch (above): https://www.oldies.org.uk/2022/loyal-pooch-hooch-oldies-club-fostered-middlesex

Joey (above): https://www.oldies.org.uk/2022/gentleman-joey-oldies-club-fostered-greater-manchester

Fudge (above): https://www.oldies.org.uk/2022/little-sweetie-fudge-oldies-club-fostered-surrey

The charity’s website and social media also features dogs looking for homes via other rescues. More details here

If you’d like to help, you can donate online via Just Giving or send the charity a cheque.

If you’d like to volunteer to foster an old dog, help with transport, fundraising or home visiting, please get in touch.




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