A special capsule exhibition by Lincolnshire-based photographer Kirsty Bevan has just opened at the Kennel Club Art Gallery, showcasing and celebrating the different breeds of setter. The capsule, which is open for public viewings at the Kennel Club in London until the end of May 2023, features photographs from various locations around the UK of all four setter breeds: the Irish Red Setter, the English Setter, the Gordon Setter and the Irish Red and White Setter.

Kirsty Bevan shared the inspiration behind her latest project, saying, “I have always been around setters, so I knew that my first photography project had to be on them! The sole aim of this project is to capture the inquisitive personality of the four setter breeds and showcase their naturally regal appearance.

“As a fellow owner of setters, I truly know how special they are and that’s why I have made these breeds my focus for the year.”

Kirsty has an Irish Red Setter named Murphy and an English Setter named Katie. Murphy was Kirsty’s first dog whom she rescued in 2019 from unpleasant conditions. Kirsty quickly fell in love with him, and fearing Murphy might not make it, Kirsty began taking photographs in order preserve the memories and scarce time she had with him. Luckily, Murphy made a fully recovery and is now a healthy and happy dog.

Kirsty’s emotive and captivating photographs of Murphy caught the attention of friends and family, who started to request photographs of their own dogs and led to Kirsty setting up her own photography company – Furreal Photography.

Heidi Hudson, the Kennel Club’s curator of photographic collections, commented, “We are incredibly pleased to be opening this engaging and contemporary collection – the first of many that can be expected from this talented photographer.

“With three out of four of the setter breeds being on the Kennel Club’s Vulnerable Native Breed list, with fewer than 300 puppies registered a year, it is wonderful to see setters being put in the spotlight. The collection is sure to be enjoyed by any art, photography or dog enthusiasts!”

The Kirsty Bevan exhibition is open to the public at the Kennel Club Art Gallery at 10 Clarges Street, Mayfair, W1J 8AB, from Monday to Friday between 9.30am to 4.30pm.

To book your visit, email artgallery@thekennelclub.org.uk or call 020 7518 1064.




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