Our friends at the fabulous Oldies Club charity have put together these ’12 dog gifts of Christmas’ – to remind us all of the wonderful ways that dogs bring joy to our lives. Christmas is a perfect time to reflect on the important things in life – and dogs are certainly one of those!


Dogs know that you have saved them and bless you with their gratitude – the look that says ‘Thank you for saving me; thank you for loving me.’


When everyone else has left you, or just not been the person you thought they were, your old dog will offer you the best companionship you could wish for.


Older dogs are so good for our mental health. In general, they need less exercise, but they do make us get up and go out – even on the days you’d really rather stay in bed!


No matter what has happened to a dog, their ability to be loyal never falters. However long you have with your older companion, they will be loyal to their last breath.

  1. PRIDE

Is there anything better than the pride of helping an old dog? There are so many ways you can be involved and every part of it helps dogs in need. Getting Involved – Oldies Club

  1. HOPE

When times are tough, for whatever reason, an old dog gives us hope that things are good, that their very existence in our lives gives us hope for our future.


Feeling sad? Lonely? Poorly? Your dog will pick up on this and do their best to cheer you up. It could be trying to get you to play, or just wanting to be extra close to you – they are so empathetic.

Who can fail to be cheered by sweet Cleo?

Laughter is the best medicine, and you’ll certainly have a few smiles and laughs with your old companion. They still have a puppy-ness about them even when they’re ancient; their inner ‘naughty puppy’ still surfaces from time to time, and we can’t help but laugh.


Just look at your old companion, happily snoozing away, and your heart fills with love and you can’t help but feel less stressed.


Perhaps they like to follow you around the garden where they’re content just to be close, encouraging you to sit down and relax so they can have extra cuddles/attention. It’s so good for us!


Old/mature dogs are so much easier to take care of. There’s no puppy training, they need less exercise and they generally not as naughty as younger dogs.


Older dogs are often happy to forgo a walk in horrible weather. They are just as happy to have a pootle around the garden, sit with a treat-filled toy or just stop in the warm where they are happy and cosy.

Micky poses beautifully in front of the Christmas tree

After reading all about these 12 dog gifts of Christmas, don’t worry if you don’t currently have a canine companion. Oldies Club has just the dog for you!

ADOPT: have a look at our special oldies just waiting for that special person/family:

Dogs in Oldies Club Care – Oldies Club

FOSTER: if you don’t want to adopt at the moment you could foster for us. Fostering is the greatest gift that we can give as it literally saves their life:

Foster Homes for Dogs – Oldies Club

SPONSOR: if fostering is also not possible, we have several sponsor dogs who need support. Please look at our lovelies and see if there’s one that reaches out to you:

Sponsor an Oldie – Oldies Club

FUNDRAISING: we are always looking for ways to fundraise to bring in much-needed funds. If you are an experienced fundraiser and would like to volunteer a few hours, please consider applying for this role:

Are you an experienced Fundraiser and love old dogs? – Oldies Club


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