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Spiritual Dog Retreat Review

Review by Toni Twist  For those of you like myself, juggling a business, spiritual life, relationship, house and fluffy babies, it can sometimes be a...

Keeping your garden a dog-friendly environment

By Ella Hendrix, veterinary nurse Are you going to be bringing home a new four-legged friend soon? If so, you will surely want to see...

Travel with pets: Car hire with a dog

Are you planning to hire a car, hit the roads but don't want to leave your furry friend behind? No problem, just take him...

Decrease anxiety for your dog in 3 simple steps

By Stephanie Annon Dogs suffer from anxiety and stress similarly to humans. Anxiety can manifest for your dog in a variety of ways, social and separation...

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Grooming career

Career in grooming

German Shepherd in car - travel sickness

Travel sickness

I think my young dog might suffer from travel sickness, as a few times recently on fairly long journeys she has been ill in...
Can dog poo pose a risk to livestock?

Dog poo risk to livestock

I always pick up after my dog when we are walking through the village and along the footpaths, but part of our daily walk...
Does my old Westie have doggie dementia?

Doggie dementia: why is my old Westie acting strange?

Doggie Dementia My old Westie has started to act quite strangely recently. He will stare into corners, suddenly stop and bark at nothing in particular,...


Tracey with Rottweiler Susie-Hope

Appeal for Susie-Hope: two-year-old HiLife ‘Best Friends’ winner fundraising for hip surgery

Tracey sank into a deep depression following the loss of her mother to cancer and the death of their dog, May, but a young...
Stray Scooby

Stray dog found outside Dogs Trust Leeds searching for new home

Staff at Dogs Trust Leeds have rescued a stray dog after he was found hiding in bushes just outside of the entrance of the...