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Here you can find a wealth of resources relating to the care of your pet.

Finding a stray

My friend recently found a stray dog. She rang the number on the tag and returned him. I wondered whether she did the right thing, as...
Basset Hound

Soft palate problem

Jolly, my young Basset Hound, keeps making some sort of snorting, choking noise when I take her out on a lead. Someone told me...
Dog with mother and child

Baby preparation

My husband and I have just found out that we’re expecting our first baby. It is a very exciting time for us but we...

Unsettled at night

My six-month-old puppy is still creating a lot of noise each night when in his crate and alone. I return to him when he...
Dog under blanket

Christmas cheer

It’s my turn to do the family Christmas and there will be 12 adults, six children and four dogs. How can I make sure...
Elderly Chihuahua recurrent cystitis

Recurrent cystitis

I took on an elderly Chihuahua after the old lady next door died. She’s got a few problems, but the main one is recurrent...

Four tips for proper dog etiquette when in public

Author: Jessica Brody More and more businesses and public spaces are becoming open to dogs. This is fantastic for active owners, who want their dogs...
Springer Spaniel

Liver disease

I am writing to you in the hope that you can answer my queries about canine liver disease, the condition that took the life...
German Shepherd

“Help! My dog won’t eat”

"Help! My dog won't eat" My German Shepherd Dog is two years old and her top weight at the vet was 40kg. After moulting, she...

“My dog won’t wee on walks”

“My dog won’t wee on walks” I’ve recently rescued a Border Collie bitch who won’t go to the toilet when we’re out. She’s only five...

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