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No teeth for treats

My 14-year-old Jack Russell has recently had the majority of her teeth removed. She also appears to have an issue with her gums, which...
Viszla pup

Best start for a rescue pup

We are looking to get a puppy and are seriously thinking of getting a rescue one. Our concern is that a rescue puppy may...

Eating egg shells

A friend of mine told me recently that when she has a boiled egg, she gives her dog the shell after. This surprised me....

Knotted leg hair

I have a five-month-old Labradoodle puppy with a fleece coat that doesn’t shed. He is booked in with the groomer every four weeks and...
Dog outside car

Car safety for your dog

Brits could face hefty fines if they fail to safely secure their pooch while travelling. A recent survey commissioned by Ford showed a third of...
Springer spaniel

Seizure know-how

Rufus, my five-year-old Springer, was diagnosed with epilepsy a year ago. He has been very stable on his tablets and for months did not...
Dog on suitcase

Six things to consider before moving your pet abroad

Emigrating abroad comes with a whole range of checklists and challenges, and if you're a pet owner then there are a few additional considerations...
Dewclaw concern - dog paw

Dewclaw concern

We have recently bought a lovely Labradoodle puppy. We have noticed that the pup still has little dewclaws on his back legs, which stick...
Dog nose

Dry nose

My dog’s nose is quite dry. The vet has checked him out and said it’s nothing to worry about, but a friend mentioned that...

On-lead barking

Samson, my five-month-old German Shepherd, has started to bark at other dogs when he is on a lead. It is really embarrassing, as he...

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