Pet Care Advice

Here you can find a wealth of resources relating to the care of your pet.

Tail trauma

I have an Irish Wolfhound who cut the end of her tail. It scabbed over, but when she wags it, she makes it bleed...

“Can dogs be short-sighted?”

Short-sightedness runs in my family and my seven-year-old daughter, who has just brought home her first pair of glasses, asked me if dogs could...

Hungry Labrador

I have a 10-year-old Labrador who is still just as greedy as he was when he was a puppy and is now overweight. Is...

Seasonal itching

Every September, my Labrador bitch, Nell, itches like mad and then stops in October. Her belly goes red and eventually black, and she’s very...

“Why is my puppy so nervous about meeting people?”

I have a lovely 13-week-old Cockapoo puppy, but he is showing signs of nervousness in public. He trembles and backs away from people as...

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