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Vets are warning dog owners to be mindful on walks, as a Whippet puppy needed emergency veterinary treatment after eating cannabis at a country park. 

Owner Lenora, from Glasgow, said, “I was at work and Rye was out with his dog walker at Mugdock Country Park. He was playing with other dogs in the pack in a bit of forest when the walker noticed him behaving very strangely. 

“He was standing very still, his eyes had glazed over and he was really unsteady on his feet and couldn’t walk without losing his balance. She carried him back to her van and called me saying she didn’t know what was wrong.” 

After being seen by his own vet, the 10-month-old pup sent to Vets Now’s pet emergency hospital in Glasgow for overnight care and monitoring. Lenora was shocked to be told that Rye’s state was typical of having ingested cannabis – and that he was not the first dog to have been seen in such a state after a walk at the country park, where parties were frequent.

Luckily, after treatment and an overnight stay, Rye was able to return home; after a couple of days he was once again his old self, having come through the ordeal with no long-term effects from ingesting cannabis.

Lenora added, “Rye has a habit of eating things, so I’ve taken the tough decision to put a muzzle on him now, although he wears a green ‘friendly’ collar, so people know he isn’t aggressive.  

“I’d advise any dog owner to keep their pet on the lead if they see anything lying around and ask anyone who is out partying to clear everything away. 

“This has happened to other dogs, and it doesn’t take much cannabis to make a small dog very ill.”

Images by Vets Now


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